Wednesday, April 11, 2012

So Many New Things!

Hey all!  Long time, no update on the blog.  Here's what we've been up to:

1. The Sinking Feeling/Snowmobiling 7" officially came out, with about a day to spare before that show in November last year.  Sales have been blistering!  This thing isn't selling like hot cakes, because hot cakes wish they sold like this thing!  Well not really but we have sold a few and have plenty more, so if you want to listen to it and maybe buy a copy, head on over to the Bandcamp Page.
2. Played a fun show in December with Tiny Manatee and The Winter Me.  We were pleased that not only were the bands both as great as we knew they would be, but plenty of folks came out on a cold Tuesday night for that one.  Township (or as it was still called when we played the show, Panchos) is turning into a swell venue.  Great food there too.
3. My son Will was born on January 9th, which I could go on and on about but would have nothing to do with the band other than the fact that we took a couple months or so off while my wife and I tried to figure out how to deal with no sleep and still keep a baby alive and happy.  All I'll say about it is that he is an adorable, healthy boy and being a parent is a mind fuck in the best way imaginable.  And that sometimes he does this when you tickle him:

4. We played a show in March with My Canadian Girlfriend (who were celebrating a record release) and Century Rocket Building.  This was fun as hell, and all bands brought it.  So glad that MCG asked us to play. That was the first time I'd seen them with Pete on guitar, which is probably a bit of a confession since he's been in the band for a while.  That dude is a great addition to anything.  Check out his new band Mastro, who also have Jamie from MCG on guitar, and are a great new rock ensemble that I am especially excited about after having seen their first Chicago show very recently.
5. Rich started yet another band with our best buds Mark Oster and Steve Raparelli called Jackhammer Hearts.  I have only heard quick rehearsal space recordings of song ideas, but I can safely confirm that they kick ass and you should go see their first show on May 12th at Quenchers.
6. I'm eating a 5 Guys burger right now and it's pretty awesome, especially for a chain fast food place.  Believe the hype!

OK that brings us up to date more or less.  Now for what is coming up in the future!

We are very pleased to be a part of PRFBBQ2012 for so many reasons, not the least of which is that TAR is reforming to play just a few hours after our set.  Holy crap!  Also, I can't believe this band flew under my radar so long because they are totally in my wheelhouse, but dis- is also reforming and playing just before TAR.  I have only recently become acquanted with dis- but they're a borderline obsession at the moment that I can't get enough of.  Neither of those bands have played a show since the mid 90s, and are just getting together for the hell of it to have a good time, not because they want a bunch of money or some bullshit.  So cool.

And if that isn't enough, there are like 40 other bands playing throughout the long weekend that all totally rule, and plenty of food and booze.  Saturday and Sunday are already sold out, so, sorry if you are reading this on the off chance that you haven't already heard about this and bought your ticket.  But yeah, anyway, hell of a party, can't wait for it.

That's about it for now.  We'll try to update sooner than 5 months from now, next time.


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