Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Drummer!

Ladies and gentlemen: we have good news.  After trying out several drummers over the last month and a half or so, having our egos stroked by a surprising amount of interest in joining our band, and having fun playing our songs with a few different friends of ours behind the kit, we have chosen Dan Wagner (who also plays in a band called Sequoia, as well as recently becoming an understudy for the Second City production Rush Limbaugh: The Musical) to be our new drummer.  Not only does he conveniently live three houses down from Rich, but he is a very skilled drummer and someone we've both known and shared bills with in various bands for quite some time.  It was a tough choice since everyone we tried out was good and were all solid dudes, but we think that you all will be pleased when we make our triumphant return to rocking you in your faces, hopefully very soon!

In other good news, we finally got around to recording the vocals and mixing down three demo tracks that we recorded with Scott Picco to tape at our old rehearsal space back in October.  For something we recorded in a basement rehearsal space, shit sounds good.  Props to Scott.  Be on the lookout for those on the Facebook and Myspace pages.