Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mayor For Life is sad, Mayor For Life's glass is 1/3 empty

After being in two bands with Todd, I think that we're cursed with losing drummers. I mean, we're not Spinal Tap, what the hell. Due to some tough choices Uli has parted ways with Mayor For Life to pursue some other creative outlets in his life. I really wish he didn't have to leave the band because, as a bass player, it's tough to find that certain connection that you get with certain drummers, and Uli is one hell of a drummer. Uli has helped me grow not only as a bass player and musician, but is a great friend as well. I'm really going to miss what we had. Time to move on and forward.


Monday, February 1, 2010

Show Recap, 1-30-10 @ Quenchers

Saturday night was a hell of a lot of fun.  I think I speak for all of us when I say goddamn do I love playing shows at Quenchers.  Not only does it seem like you've totally packed the place even though there are like 60 people that paid to get in, whereas some douchey rock bar like...uh...most of them would be pissed that you didn't bring like 100 people per band or something, but the bar actually pays the bands pretty decently.  Not to mention Steve, the guy who books the bands, is a super nice guy and probably into a lot of the same music that we're all into.  Plus we all live nearby, and in all honesty, I love me some fancy beer.  It's like this place is tailor made for us, especially me.

So as we mentioned a couple times in the previous posts we finally have some tshirts for sale, which we were almost embarrassingly excited about.  Rich is pretty used to having boxes and boxes of merch available and sitting around in our rehearsal space for Bear Claw but I haven't had band shirts for sale since, hell, back when I was in Chiral in the earlier part of the previous decade.  It definitely does feel more like we're a real band now that people can happily buy something that effectively says that they approve of our band's existence.  Now of course we have to actually finish some of that recorded music and make it available for sale.  That would probably make it feel even more like we're in a real band.

So anyway, as for the specific rocking that took place, I have to say that all bands really brought it.  I'd seen the Columbines and the Chrome Robes a couple times each before, and a lot of us in all three bands are friends, so I knew it would be a great, fun show.  Of course my expectations were exceeded.  The Columbines played first and are seriously one of the most fun bands in town to see live.  Not to be missed.  The Chrome Robes were second and have an impressive collection of no longer made Canadian amplifiers, which is something near and dear to my heart as a fellow Traynor enthusiast, and they put them to very good use.  Then, after a relatively long evening of enjoying several delicious beers from Quenchers' vast selection, we took the stage and I was all "fuck it let's let 'er rip" even though I'm not entirely sure I set the volumes of my amps correctly to balance with each other let alone with Rich at all, and with all the instruments blaring I totally couldn't hear myself yelling in my monitor.  However, everyone seemed to really like our set and compliment us almost embarrassingly afterward.  We played for probably 35 minutes but to us it seemed like 5.  I take that as a good sign.  We even sold a few shirts, which I suspect might be partly due to my Gil-styled salesmanship technique of pleading with someone to at least purchase one shirt from us so we don't feel like losers.  Note to self: go for the pity sell next time too.

I also have to give a shout-out to my main man Mark Oster for spotting a Uhaul two-wheel cart just sitting out in the middle of an intersection at 2:30am one night, having the audacity to get all finders-keepers on it, and henceforth keeping it in our shared rehearsal space.  I was only mildly sore and stiff when I got home at 4am, and all I had to do was take like 600mg of Ibuprofen with a glass of water, realize I was an old man, and wake up fresh as a daisy at the crack of noon the next day.  I have Mark and that cart to thank for this. 

So yeah, all in all, good times.  Thanks to all who rocked and watched the rocking.  Hopefully we can do it again soon.