Monday, January 11, 2010

January 2010 Update

Hey there massive amounts of RABID Mayor For Life fans across the globe!  Here is the HOT NEWS at camp M4L!

(Imagine a squealie lead guitar harmonic sound followed by a dude going "AWRIGHT WOMAN!!!!!!" right here)

So we have reconvened our ROCK ATTACK for 2010 after some SERIOUS HOLIDAY TIME spent not having time to practice for a few weeks, and we have an ASS KICKER of a ROCK SHOW comin' AT THAT ASS!  January 30th at Quenchers!  BE THERE AND GET DRUNK WHILE GETTING ROCKED YOU LUCKY BASTARDS!  We're in the process of GETTIN' SOME KICK-ASS T-SHIRTS for all you crazy people, conceptualized by me (Todd "the man with the plan that can be worn by a man or even a wo-man" Rabideau) and designed by our own Rich "Tha Phabulous Photoshoppin' Phool" (Ph)Fessler so you can BUY THEM AND THEN PUT THEM ON AND THEN RIP THEM OFF IN A FIT OF PURE ECSTASY WHEN WE ROCK YOU RIGHT IN YOUR FACES!

OK hopefully you imagined that with the voice of the Guitar Center ads on the radio.  We don't know for sure who's playing with us yet but I will update when we do.  Oh yeah, also, we have been working on a couple new songs that we may or may not play at this show.  Pretty excited about this because, as I said previously, Quenchers is currently our favorite place to play.


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