Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What We're Up To Right Now

Here's what we've got going on right now.

- We did some tracking for a few songs a few weeks back with Scott Picco, who plays drums in Rich's other band Bear Claw.  Two of the songs we'd like to release on a 7", and then the other songs (I think we did 3 others) we plan on putting up on the web as a demo.  We still have to record all of the vocal overdubs and get the two songs for the 7" mastered, as well as figure out if anyone wants to help us put it out on their label.  If you own a record label and would be interested, let us know.  Some time down the road we've got enough material for a full length and definitely plan on recording one.  More on that when it becomes more concrete about where we're doing it and what we're doing with it.  There are plans but they're pretty vague and pie-in-the-sky at the moment.

- Pretty much right after we tracked all that, we began the process of moving out of our old rehearsal space (a.k.a. Union Rock Yards) and into a new place way out on the Northwest side of the city.  I'm sure that almost anyone reading this blog at this point probably knows what Union Rock Yards was all about and is sad to see it go, just like we were.  Also you're probably not surprised when I tell you that it was kind of a shithole as far as rehearsal spaces go.  Don't get me wrong, we had many fine adventures there and we do miss that shithole, but our new rehearsal space is pretty kickass and most importatnly it has heat.  On top of that I think that Mark and Rich have a good possibility of doing the Union Rock Yards thing in one or two new legit venues, so all is good.  Also, that amazing pool table down there that once belonged to the late, great Michael Dahlquist of Silkworm fame is in its new home at a new bar near California and Belmont that sounds like it will be an awesome place when it opens up.  Anyhoo, the point of this lengthy digression is to point out that we were pretty busy for a few weeks with moving all of the enormous amount of crap that several of our bands had all accumulated over the last few years.  Scott's still in the process of getting his tape machine and mixer set up in the control room at the new spot (which, as a bonus, the previous tennant had configured decently as a recording studio) and hopefully we'll get the vocals overdubbed and everything mixed and bounced to 2 track pretty soon.

- We're playing a show on Saturday, December 12th at Cole's in Logan Square, with our friends Bully Pulpit and Builder/Destroyer.  Cole's is quickly becoming one of my favorite bars in the neighborhood (I live about 5 blocks from there), and it's a free show.  Highly recommended if you like fun and value.  We're playing first, and the show starts at 8, so get there early and have a few $4 bottles of Leffe with me.  Here is a really cool poster for the show, which I believe was designed by a friend of Mat from Builder/Destroyer:

That's about it for now.  I wish I had more stuff to speak of, but the last couple of months have been pretty hectic with moving and Thanksgiving and Uli swamped with schoolwork and whatnot.  I've been playing in bands for a few years now and every year around the holiday season, many plans are delayed as people are traveling to visit their family, everyone you know wants to have a holiday party all of the time, and then everyone gets sick.  In fact Rich and I are both pretty sick right now, which sucks.  Such is life.

Talk to you soon,

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